Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate

(1) Restriction on grant of certificates under this Part -Sec.370

(2) Court having jurisdiction to grant certificate -Sec.371

(3) Application for certificate -Sec.372

(4) Procedure on application -Sec.373

(5) Contents of certificate -Sec.374

(6) Requisition of security from grantee of certificate -Sec.375

(7) Extension of certificate -Sec.376

(8) Amendment of certificate in respect of powers as to securities -Sec.378

(9) Mode of collecting Court-fees on certificates -Sec.379

(10) Local extent of certificate -Sec.380

(11) Effect of certificate -Sec.381

(12) Effect of certificate granted or extended by Indian representative in foreign State and in certain other cases -Sec.382

(13) Revocation of certificate -Sec.383

(14) Appeal -Sec. 384

(15) Effect on certificate of previous certificate, probates or letters of administration -Sec.385

(16) Validation of certain payments made in good faith to holder of invalid certificate -Sec.386

(17) Contentions testamentary suit by a son, procedure in -Sec.387-A

(18) Power of inferior Courts with jurisdiction of District Court for purpose of this Act -Sec.388

(19) Surrender of superseded and invalid certificates -Sec.389