Document Review

Document Review

The document review requires time, infrastructure and technology to go through the massive number of documents. Therefore, it demands high standards along with the accuracy, review and production of documents. Our document review service is aimed at providing a comprehensive support module to our clients through which we review, structure, code and summarize scanned documents for their relevance and responsiveness. Our review tools are constantly updated and confirm to the best in the software and technology industry.

Our offshore model helps us to be competitive so that we can address all customized requirements of our clients.

We offer to undertake a free project for our clients to get their prior approvals and directions.

Preliminary review

  • Our Preliminary Review includes following:
  • Privileged and Confidentiality review
  • Review for relevancy and responsiveness
  • Review for Subject Matter
  • Review for summarization of documents
  • Review for redaction

Advanced Review

Advanced review involves an in depth evaluation of the documents by our specialists, giving prominence to material issues. We provide a finished result that is compatible to the existing document review software and procedures of our clients. The major areas of work include:

  • Strategy coding
  • Framing the detailed facts of the case.
  • Due diligence analysis.
  • Issue spotting.
  • Our work process flow

Our computerized and semi computerized quality checks during the coding processes ensure that no data is missed during the coding procedure. Periodic researches are conducted to upgrade and scrutinize the working system through rigorous brain storming sessions and regular feedbacks taken from the junior to the senior levels.

Since most of the steps are automatic, cost effectiveness is ensured at our end. Minimum manual interference ensures high accuracy rates. Our systems are updated to satisfy the present standards. We own:

  • Pentium IV class configuration systems with minimum 1GB RAM.
  • Dedicated leased line of 2 Mbps with back up line a broadband
  • Local Area Network in Active Directory environment with central storage NAS and Windows XP workstations
    DVD/CD ROMs, Writers, Zip Drives, etc for adequate Data Transfer & Backup
  • High Speed Scanners
  • High speed Laser and Network printers
  • Round the clock power supply with backup UPS and generators, and
    Highly secured network with Cisco Firewall

Our advantage

  • Project-tracking systems for client review
  • Specific check lists for each project
  • Trained coders
  • Spell checks embedded for titles
  • Names embedded for finding names
  • Validation of dates
  • Verification of images before coding
  • All formats generated
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Task accomplished on timeline.
  • High Quality

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